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Dear website visitors, we comply with 17 USC 512 (C)(3) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). If your copyrighted material is published on or if you have any leads regarding your material published on this site, we ask that you respect the rights of others, including intellectual property rights, and provide written notice to the authors of copyrighted material.

To make a claim under the DMCA, you must provide the following information when submitting a DMCA notice of copyright infringement.

  • Require the physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or a representative authorized to act on their behalf. To meet this requirement, you may enter your full name as a signature at the bottom of the complaint.
  • Provide adequate evidence that you own and have the rights to the allegedly infringed copyrighted material.
  • Provide contact information, such as a valid email address, so you can contact the legal owner.
  • You must identify that your copyrighted work has been published on our website and is appearing in the search terms.
  • The information provided must be accurate, and the complaining owner has legal rights to the copyrighted material.
  • A description of your work that you believe has been infringed and a specific URL that includes the copyrighted material. Protection Status

The information must be provided by email: 

The administrator of this site will respond to your email within 12 hours.

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